How ‘The Mandalorian’ uses Epic’s Unreal Engine

Disney+ is here, and one of its first big exclusive shows is Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian. The series follows a mysterious bounty hunter as he takes on secretive job following the fall of the Empire. But outside of the many Easter eggs and action scenes, fans also noticed that Fortnite developer Epic Games appears in the show’s credits. And that’s because series creator Jon Favreau has integrated Epic’s Unreal Engine tech into his film-making process.

“We used the V-cam system where we get to make a movie essentially in VR, send those dailies to the editor, and we have a cut of the film that serves a purpose that previs would have,” explained Favreau.

But Favreau also brought Unreal onto the set to help with the entire flow of production. This uses a combination of technologies, but it primarily comes down to building computer-generated environments and then projecting them onto LED walls. Those projections then change their perspective and characteristics depending on the position of the camera and what kind of lens it is using.