Students and faculty are invited to a special screening of Starship Troopers (1997) presented by ACE-Lab faculty member Jeremy Fernsler on Thursday, February 5 at 7pm in the URBN 239 Screening room.

Paul Verhoevens’ sci-fi epic represented a watershed moment for visual effects houses including the legendary Tippett Studios. The script, based on Robert Heinleins classic 1959 novel, called for numerous monstrous alien insects including swarms of warrior bugs, complex battle sequences, and a gigantic pulsating brain bug. VFX Supervisor Phil Tippett received an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects, which bridged both traditional stop-motion techniques with newly emerging digital toolsets.

Professor Jeremy Fernsler, will give a provide an intro and presentation before the screening and be happy to answer any questions afterwards.

Join the latest installment of the ACE-Lab screening series Thursday, Feb 7, at 7pm in the URBN 239 screening room!