The Drexel Animation Capture & Effects Lab (ACE-Lab) Presents a tech talk on robot design presented by special guest speaker and prolific designer Carla Diana! The talk will be presented in the URBN 239 screening room on Thursday January 15, from 1pm to 2pm.
Carla Diana is a hybrid designer keenly focused on realizing new visions for smart objects and the Internet of Things. In addition to her industry experience at some of the world’s top design firms such as Smart Design and frog design, Carla maintains strategic alliances with a number of academic research groups. She is a member of the Georgia Tech Socially Intelligent Machines Lab, and a faculty member at SVA and in the University of Pennsylvania’s Integrated Product Design Program where she developed the first course on Smart Objects.
Her recent article, “Talking, Walking Objects”, appeared on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Review in January 2013, and is a good representation of her view of our robotic future. She has also completed a children’s book for Maker Media about the future of 3D printing and design entitled LEO the Maker Prince.
Join us Thursday 1/15 at 1pm in the URBN 239 Screening Room for an enlightening presentation of a professional designer’s-eye-view of robotic design!