On Friday, February 21st, Ed Hooks will be presenting his Acting for Animators masterclass to Drexel students in the URBN Annex Screening Room! Hooks, author of “Acting for Animation”, is a prolific actor who has appeared in over 100 shows and films throughout his storied career.

For last three decades, Mr. Hooks has been teaching acting to animators at game and animation studios such as Pixar, Blizzard, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, and Epic Games (just to name a few).

This is an exciting opportunity to meet and learn from a unique talent in the entertainment industry. When studios want to up their game, they go to Ed!

The event FREE and open to all majors! Ed’s talk will be an interesting look into the world of animation for anyone curious, and will have a heavy dose of acting theory and technique for anyone interested in film or theater. There’s really something for everyone!

When: 3-7PM, Feb. 21
Where: URBN Annex Screening Room
Price: FREE!