Jordan Stewart – Class of 2013

What was it like working on the Philadelphia Fire Department App?

Working on the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) App was a very rewarding experience and something I have considered to a be a major milestone in my career as a developer. This unique opportunity allowed me to work alongside my classmate, Darielle Brown-Davis, to build a mobile experience for fire safety information under the instruction of Jervis Thompson and Troy Finamore. Working under a strict deadline definitely brought along some challenges, but having experienced mentors made it easier to follow a development plan that ensured we had our deliverables ready on time. The entire process gave us a glance on how to work with clients, understand their requirements and arrive at solutions all while learning and working with newer technologies!

What is your favorite aspect of your new job at Vox Media?

My favorite part of working at Vox Media is the emphasis they place on continued learning and professional growth. One thing you learn early on as a developer is that new things are happening every day–there’s never an opportunity to say you know it all. I am grateful to Vox Media for pushing all employees to better themselves professionally whether it is attending conferences, giving talks, signing up for online course or even getting involved in an internal programming-focused book club. Each day I’m learning something new which is a testament to everyone’s continued commitment to learning more and sharing that knowledge with others. Never stop learning! P.S check out Vox Media’s awesome product blog.

What is it like to be a Co-Founder of a clothing brand?

In one way, it can be extremely challenging; but in another, it can be extremely empowering. PANYC State is a brand that my brothers and I started back in high school. A lot of credit must go to them for figuring out the ins and outs of starting a brand while leaving me to focus on design directions and our online shopping experience. It’s been a while since we’ve done anything new as we all look forward to some exciting life changing events coming up. Balancing work, life and essentially a startup can be a bit overwhelming but we hope to refocus our attention on the brand.

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