Keith Miller – Class of 2015

Did you play a sport while at Drexel? What was it like balancing practice and your course load?

I played club rugby at Drexel and I found it quite manageable most of the time. We had practice twice a week, and usually a game on Saturdays. Although it did take some time that could be used for working or studying, I found that it was a great chance to get out, clear my mind, and challenge my body.

What was the transition from a full-time student to full-time employee like?

Becoming a full time developer definitely took some adjustment. The days felt really long at first, and the stakes were higher. At times it felt like getting thrown into the deep end, having to learn new frameworks or libraries on the fly, and being responsible for my own education in a field that is constantly changing.
The open endedness of work life vs student life was jarring at first. There is not usually one right answer, and the possibilities seem endless. This is something I’m still working on. With work and practice, I’ve become better at defining my priorities and taking steps in line with those priorities. As a result I feel better than ever about where I’m heading in my career.

What is your favorite movie? Why?

What comes to my mind first is The Lord of the Rings trilogy, maybe because it had such a huge presence and influence over my teenage years. Although it’s 3 movies, it feels like one cohesive and epic journey. Everything about these movies is incredibly well done. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say The Return of the King.
I think one part of the story that really resonates with me is that hobbits, the smallest and weakest of Middle Earth, are ultimately the heros. Through bravery, persistence, and compassion for one another, they manage to conquer evil and save the world. It’s easy to feel small in the world, and the problems seem so big. These movies help remind me that anyone, including me (and you), can make a difference.
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