Stephanie Pratt – Class of 2008

What minor did you complete, and why did you choose this minor?

I actually had two minors: architecture and art history. I became interested in architecture when I was in high school. My school was looking for students interested in interning at an architecture firm, and although I was on the fence about it, I decided to sign up. I’m glad I made that decision, because it had a big impact on my future. I enjoyed learning about architecture during my internship, but what I enjoyed most about the position was producing graphics, which led me to major in Digital Media. I still wanted to learn more about architecture, though, so I chose it as a minor.

I fell in love with art history when I learned about modern art in a required art history course at Drexel. I’ve always enjoyed art, but I didn’t have much interest in history prior to the class, However, I found it fascinating to learn about how current events impacted art. I had seen many of the pieces of art before I learned about them in class, but finding out the stories behind them made me see them in a different light. I decided to minor in art history after taking that course, and I still miss those days of sitting in a comfy chair and looking at images of art for hours!

How do you think the industry you’re a part of will change?

I don’t know what the future brings, but I’m excited to see how AI and voice recognition technologies evolve and impact the web development field.

What makes you different from others in your field?

I’ve noticed that a lot of developers spend their downtime in front of a screen, whether they’re gaming, programming, or reading about the latest technology. When I’m not at work, I’m usually not at the computer. You can find me making Hotwheels tracks with my three-year-old son, building furniture in the woodshop, sketching, or sweating it out in a hot yoga class. I used to feel like I wasn’t a “real” developer because I don’t spend a lot of my free time on a computer, but I’ve realized that spending time away from the screen helps me recharge while I’m away from work so that I can be more successful at my job.

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