iNNk: A Deep Learning Game

Project Overview

This project is a collaboration between Drs. Jichen Zhu (Digital Media, Drexel) and Sebastian Risi (Digital Design, IT University of Copenhagen).

iNNK, a multiplayer drawing game where human players team up against a neural network (NN). The players need to successfully communicate a secret code word to each other through drawings, without being deciphered by the NN. With this game, we aim to foster a playful environment where players can, in a small but crucial way, go from passive consumers of NN applications to creative thinkers and critical challengers.

Twitter: @iNNkGame

Play iNNk online >>



Team Members

  • Boyd Fox
  • Yifu Li
  • Mathias Löwe
  • Sebastian Risi
  • Alex Sladek
  • Jen Villareale
  • LingAn Zheng
  • Jichen Zhu
  • Past Members:
    • Ana Acosta
    • Andrew Bishop
    • Panote Nuchprayoon
    • Rush Weigelt
    • Samuel Arcaro
    • Evan Freed
    • Robert Gray


Conference Proceedings