Game Programmer

POSITION: Game Programmer, UG or Graduate, for Educational Game Project
COMPANY: Epitek/Epismart
LOCATION: 3500 Market St., Philadelphia, PA (across the street from Drexel)
REQUIREMENTS: Game Programmer, UG or Graduate, with experience programming in Unity
DUTIES: This position is for programming a small mobile game using Unity. The game is a relatively basic level tower defense game, with a theme revolving around invasive bacteria and the immune system. The ultimate goal of this position is to reach a prototype, alpha, beta, and then finished product for open use by the public. The initial project focuses achieving the prototype. The main focus of this game is to teach players of high school age about the basics of the immune system.

  • Will need to produce functioning code to be the backbone of a basic tower defense game.
  • Will have the ability to pursue the project through multiple phases, eventually to a finished product.
  • Will need to become familiar with the basics of the immune system, for which employer will provide training.
  • The initial project is anticipated to be 10-20 hours. With satisfactory performance, work on additional stages of the project will be available.

COMPENSATION: $25-$35/ hour depending on experience
HOW TO APPLY: Send resume to