Arduino Week 04

This week we started with Project 10: Zoetrope. Using a motor we created the illusion of motion similar to how animation was presented in the pre-movie era. Ultimately though, we earned how to start, stop and change the direction the motor is spinning via buttons, and how to control the speed with a potentiometer.
Here is Corey showing off his work

We then set about putting together Project 11: Crystal Ball. Through the use of an LCD screen and a tilt switch we are able to digitally recreate the fortune telling toy known as the Magic 8 Ball. Here is Martina asking her arduino a very important question…

( We also learned that Tory is a muggle, but she claims this is fake news.)

Before next week they will play with Project 12: Knock Lock. In this exercise we will use a piezo as a microphone to detect knocking vibrations, then move a servo to “lock” or “unlock” if the knock vibration are in the right range.