So… What Do I Make?

Reports are in from Twitter, Medium, and the like: we can’t make full comps, use Photoshop, or even utter the phrase “visual design” anymore. What’s a designer to do? Has our role evaporated? Fear not: Dan Mall will help redefine the tasks of the modern day designer in light of the multi -device world that snuck up on us.

Dan Mall is an award-winning art director and designer. Having worked with clients like ESPN, Kraft, Apple, Google, Microsoft, GE, Crayola, Lucasfilm, The Mozilla Foundation, Thomson Reuters, and The Sherwin-Williams Company, Dan has a passion for playing matchmaker between surprising art direction and intuitive interaction design.

Dan is the Founder and Design Director at SuperFriendly, where he and his team defeat apathy and the forces of evil with heroic creative direction, design, and strategy.