Learned Working Apart Thoughts on Distributed Collaboration and Remote Teams

I’ve spent most of my career as part of a team working in an office, making the web a little better each day. When starting my own company, however, one of my goals was to find ways to work with the people I looked up to… who had their own separate offices in different companies spread out all over the world. In order to get started, I had to think differently about a lot of things: my day, my network, my goals, and how I communicate. I’ve found that working together across the internets has a lot more to do with the ability to communicate and clarify your vision for the work, and a lot less to do with which is the best digital video conference service.

Kevin Hoffman is a highly experienced digital design strategist and meeting facilitator. Through his distributed company Seven Heads Design, he provides consulting on web design, application design, digital strategy, information architecture, and collaboration for digital workers. Currently writing a book about the design of meetings themselves for makers, managers, and just about everyone. One of a select group of experts that work through Rosenfeld Media to offer industry-leading training and consulting for user experience disciplines.