User Interface (UI)-User Experience (UX) Designer/Prototyper

POSITION: User Interface (UI)-User Experience (UX) Designer/Prototyper
COMPANY: Starship Health Technologies LLC
LOCATION: Plymouth Meeting, PA

  • Experience in UI/UX design for workplace multi-user systems;
  • Understand standards in the health care domain, esp. conventions and privacy (i.e., HIPAA);
  • Skill in executable UI prototyping for multiple device-types;
  • BS or MS in human-computer interaction or related field
  • US Citizen or permanent resident, able to work legally in the US.


  • Experience in UI/UX design for health care applications
  • Direct clinical work experience;
  • Familiarity with interaction styles and user expectations in social media and app-based interactions;
  • Experience in supporting or leading interface-evaluation assessment experiments or focus groups;
  • Experience in design of user interfaces focusing on workflows in professional workplaces;
  • Certification in Human Subjects Protection (HSP) training; and
  • Certification in HIPAA training and/or HIPAA-compliant software development training;

DUTIES: lead UI/UX design and prototyping activities for an innovative clinical care coordination system with multiple interface modalities (Web, tablet, app, possibly voice), working with clinical and functional design team. Create and prototype multiple interface concepts and support their rapid evolution through user-in-the-loop evaluation cycles.
COMPENSATION: $30-$40/hour
HOW TO APPLY: send resume, link to portfolio if available, to

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