Friday, September 16


Mandell Theater

It’s time to kick off a whole new cycle of Digital Media screenings here at Drexel. This year, we decided that the first one would be about “the Last One” … the last dragon that is. This year’s season kicks off with DRAGONHEART, starring Sean Connery as the last dragon, Draco.

Released in 1996, Dragonheart was one of the first films to utilize digital animation to bring a fully articulated, lead speaking roll to the big screen.

Presented by Animation & Visual Effects professors John Berton and Nick Jushchyshyn, don’t miss this unique event as they share insights, secrets and jokes before and during the screening. This screening will be presented “MS3K-style”!

Join us in a special location, Mandell Theater, to kick off the 2016-2017 Digital Media Screenings Season!