Friday, April 25, students and faculty are invited and encouraged to attend a screening discussion of “Citizen Kane” (1941) offered by Jeremy Fernsler, presented by the Westphal Animation, Capture and Effects Lab (ACE-Lab).

Citizen Kane was revolutionary for it’s groundbreaking use of camera work, deep focus and visual effects to forward its dramatic story. Jeremy Fernsler will be introducing and discussing the movie’s impact, influences and lessons that are as important in today’s and tomorrow’s animations and live action productions as they were when it was released in 1941.

This screening and discussion will be held in The Urban Center Room 349 Screening Room from 1pm until 4pm.

About Jeremy Fernsler:
Jeremy Fernsler earned his BA in Film Production at Pennsylvania State University where he focused on cinematography and animation. After a few years in Washington D.C. as a 3D and Flash animator, he moved to New York City to work for Nickelodeon as an animator. While there he was awarded national Broadcast Design Awards for his on-air work. He began freelancing and moved through several prestigious animation and design shops in NYC, eventually working as a compositor and animator for the feature film visual effects industry. In 2008, he re-located to Philadelphia and began work at Dive as a lead 3D animator and senior digital effects artist. He is now an Assistant Teaching Professor for the Department of Cinema & Television.