ACELab360 is a stereo-360° video-cast that explores the tools, technologies and production techniques behind 360° video, VR, AR and other forms of Immersive Media creation and production.

Produced by students and faculty at the Animation Capture and Effects Lab (ACE-Lab) at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. All episodes and graphics are produced and published in 4kx4k 360° stereo 3D optimized for playback in most VR headsets, but can also be played in 2D on most computer browsers and mobile devices without headsets as well.

2018 Episodes

ACELab 2018 Episode 01: CES2018

ACELab 2018 Episode 01: CES2018

The team looks back at the changes in the VR/AR/Immersive Media market during 2017, and looks ahead with a review of announcements from CES2018.

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2017 Episodes