Natasha Warshawsky


Natasha has evolved from last year's treasure to this year's President. She currently works at Philadelphia Game Lab and an animator, rigger, and cg artist. She's pretty great.

Christopher Cerrone

Vice Chair

Chris Cerrone is currently a Junior studying Animation and Visual Effects at Drexel University, and is the current Vice Chair of the student chapter. If a computer is left rendering with a picture of Christopher Walken guarding it, you can be sure it was him.

Matthew Bucher


Matthew Bucher is the current Secretary of the Drexel University ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter. He manages the SIGGRAPH's social media presence, and can be found in the URBN labs messing with motion capture equipment.

Ian Hartman


Ian is the youngest member of the officer crew. Even so, you may find him in the labs drinking a cold refreshing Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmers are love, Arnold Palmers are life.

Past Officers

2013 - 2014 Chair: Katelyn Godfrey, Vice-Chair: Steve Pettit, Secretary: Valentina Feldman, Treasurer: Natasha Warshawsky

2012 - 2013 Chair: Jenna Dundas, Vice-Chair: Matt Haas, Secretary: Katelyn Godfrey, Treasurer: John Novak

2011 - 2012
Chair: James Spadafora, Vice-Chair: Melissa Cell, Secretary: Matt Haas, Treasurer: Rachel Young

2010 - 2011
Chair: Mike Dixon, Vice-Chair: Jake Nichols, Secretary: Jason Kirk, Treasurer: James Spadafora

2009 - 2010
Chair: Jessie Amadio, Vice-Chair: Corinne DeOrsay, Secretary: Jason Kirk, Treasurer: Mike Webster

2008 - 2009
Chair: David Lally, Vice-Chair: Kevin Hoffman, Secretary: DeOrsay, Treasurer: Brian Gadomski

Nap Hits

Melissa caught napping. Simon caught napping. Mike caught napping. George caught napping. Yujie caught napping. Glenn caught napping.

Our Mission

Drexel University ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter is open to any and all individuals with an interest in computer graphics and/or interactive techniques. Membership is free and always will be. Through the group, we try to promote three main goals:

  • Stengthen Drexel's presence at SIGGRAPH.

  • Learn/Teach new techniques and theory for CGI.

  • Provide networking opportunities.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, questions, or whatever! We're always looking to help out, and we're open to feedback as well!

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