Val-Ray (V-Ray With Val Part 1)

Posted on January 19th, 2015 by Chris Cerrone

In the first of a two part session, Val introduced V-Ray and went over the advantages of using it over other render engines such as Mental Ray. As it was most attendee’s first experience with the engine, basic guidelines were established for render settings and material attributes. After experimenting with glass, fur, and subsurface scattering materials Val went over V-Ray lights and their settings. Lastly Val answered any remaining questions and prepped the group for next week’s session – creating realistic eyes using V-Ray.

3D Printing With Kirk

Posted on January 19th, 2015 by Chris Cerrone

This week James Kirk, graduate of both undergraduate and graduate studies here at Drexel, gave a presentation on 3D printing. The overview touched on many of the processes different printing technologies use as well as the general costs of each method. Having recently built his own 3D printer, Kirk was able to give advice on which brands to invest in, and which to avoid should anyone be interested in pursuing 3D printing further. Following that he demoed a few programs that help prep your 3D model for the printing process and regaled us with his own experiences printing, specifically during his Master’s Thesis during in which he printed an accurate human heart from medical scans.

Come by next week for our first of a two part session on V-Ray!

New Website!

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Melissa Cell

We have finally launched a new website! Many thanks to our former Chair Mike Dixon for providing us with the design and a lot of good content to work with.

In other news, elections for the next round of officers will be held in just a few weeks!

New Year New Cabinet!

Posted on May 26,2011 by James Spadafora

We have had an amazing year! We have had so many events and good time, from DIGM soccer, to our unorthodox sessions, to modeling contest. Also we became an approved student organization and have obtained funding for this coming year! This year has been amazing for all of us! Lets have another amazing year! We have some strong runners and I am sure that no matter who is elected we will have another amazing year!

Bigger and Better

Posted on November 18, 2009 by Jessie Amadio

Well hello! Things have been rocking and rolling lately. We have a new cabinet on board (see right) and all kinds of turn out at our (now weekly) meetings. Crazy! The Student Session Lectures have been a big hit so far, attracting over 30 kids a meeting (I swear it happened!). We have some other stuff in the pipe, like speed competitions and screenings. Make sure you are checking out the Facebook group for event postings as well as on going "caught sleeping in the labs" pictures. Also, SIGGRAPH 2010 is now accepting Student Volunteer Applications, so hit that and quit that.

Nap Hits

Melissa caught napping. Simon caught napping. Mike caught napping. George caught napping. Yujie caught napping. Glenn caught napping.

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Drexel University ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter is open to any and all individuals with an interest in computer graphics and/or interactive techniques. Membership is free and always will be. Through the group, we try to promote three main goals:

  • Stengthen Drexel's presence at SIGGRAPH.

  • Learn/Teach new techniques and theory for CGI.

  • Provide networking opportunities.

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