Jichen Zhu

Jichen Zhu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jichen Zhu is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media, with a joint appointment in Computer Science. Her research focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), creative expression, human-computer interaction, and media theory.


Congratulations to the 51StandFire senior project team and faculty advisor Jichen Zhu for winning first place for best game play at Intel’s University Games Showcase at this year’s Game Developers Conference! The competition this year included Carnegie Mellon, NYU, RIT, Savannah College of Art and Design, SMU, USC, UC/Santa Cruz, Utah, the University of Texas, and Digipen.

Drexel Team’s game, “Mirrors of Grimaldi” won with a very unique game play dynamic featuring a multi-player interface that increases or reduces a player’s available screen space based on how well they are competing against other players in each match. More information is available on the team’s website: http://51standfire.com/