Reading Group on Computational Narrative – Fall 2016-17

Week 2

A survey on story generation techniques for authoring computational narratives


Week 3

Requiem for a theory: the ‘story grammar’ story

  • Vladimir Propp, Lakoff, etc
  • Story grammars are meant to be used as tools for analysis, or tools for creation?
  • “Debunked” by Black and Wilensky
  • At the time of writing, story grammars had fallen out of the academic eye


Three computer-based models of storytelling: BRUTUS, MINSTREL and MEXICA


Week 4

Interactive Narrative:An Intelligent Systems Approach


Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film (Seymour Chatman)


Week 6

Building End-To-End Dialogue Systems Using Generative Hierarchical Neural Network Models


A Computational Model of Perceived Agency in Video Games


Week 7

A Survey and Qualitative Analysis of Recent Advances in Drama Management


Versu—A Simulationist Storytelling System


Week 8

Interactive Fiction System for Interactive Narrating


All the World’s a Stage: Learning Character Models from Film