Web Designer/Developer/Maintenance


COMPANY: FamilyCares! Senior Wellness Network L.L.C.

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are looking for an up-and-coming web designer that is looking to build their portfolio. You must be creative, attentive to detail, and excited to compete with other company websites. You must be able to work efficiently and professionally toward creating a competitive website comparable to: homeinstead.com and synergyhomecare.com.

If you currently have the skills to beat one of these sites please contact me. If you have built a home health care site before this would be a plus. We are looking for a classically motivated Drexel student who is excited to showcase his or her skills.

The CEO FamilyCares! Senior Wellness Network L.L.C. is a graduate of a Drexel masters program. He wishes to work directly with a student to create something both you and he can be proud of when representing your school.

DUTIES: Must be available to meet daily/weekly with CEO to show progress and talk about content/design. Must be able to hit deadlines.

COMPENSATION: $10 – $22 per/hour. Since we are new company our funds are limited. When you contact me we can discuss payment. Since the sites we are competing against cost a lot of money to design, you will definitely be compensated for your work! After we meet and discuss your ideas we will either offer an hourly rate or an upfront dollar amount with a completion dollar amount. This website will be up for the next 30 years plus and is a great opportunity for future maintenance compensation for years to come!

Please apply by emailing me @ pg323@drexel.edu. If you would like to follow up with your email my phone contact is 215-620-7633. In your email include the following:

  1. A link to a web site you have designed. This website should be a professional website. Use homeinstead.com and synergyhomecare.com as a template. If you have not created a website like this please include the reasons why you would like to complete a website that is better than both of these!
  2. Include how much time you have and how much time you are willing to put forth on this project.
  3. Tell us about yourself and why you are excited to work with FamilyCares!