For about six months now, we’ve been using the Fujinon 2.7mm security camera lenses with mixed feelings. The FOV and price was right, but distortion issues have continually been a challenge and we’ve been keeping an eye out for better options throughout this time. It may be that we’ve finally found an alternative.

iZugar has just recently started showing a new 3.25mm MFT mount lens intended for their own line of MFT cameras. As of this writing, the new lenses don’t seem to be listed on their website, but we’ve seen them in a few photos from trade shows and conferences and reached out to inquire about them. The folks at iZugar have been very helpful and supportive and have helped us through ordering 4 of these lenses for some testing.

Early results are very promising. Even though there is a bit less FOV and no aperture control, these lenses are producing significantly clearer images, particularly when looking at the edges of the circle. We may have to double down now and expand the rig to more camera to start stereoscopic 360° shooting.