We’ve been working through a variety of stitching approaches including PTGui, AutoPano from Kolor, and beta testing a product from the folks at The Foundry. In the end, the off center LensBaby lens projection as well as the very non-standard camera arrangement is making stereo stitching significantly challenging. With our production schedule moving along, we’ve decided to move forward with a monoscopic stitch using AutoPano Giga for our current iteration.

A template stitch was calculated and refined. The, the resulting XML project file was duplicated and adjusted programmatically by putting together a python script that both replicates the project for every frame of video and sets up a Batch script for AutoPano’s batch tool to render the video scene frame by frame. This will provide the basis of our live action takes in the dino documentary.

For more details on how this documentary project is progress, follow this link over to the project’s post:
Immersive Paleoart Thesis Project