Alumni Work on Disney’s Tangled

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Disney’s Tangled features the work of Alumi: Amol Sathe – Lighting Artist

2010 DIGM Senior Show!

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Come on out and enjoy this year’s best!

WHEN: Saturday June 5th 1:00 – 5:00 pm

WHERE: Nesbitt Hall room Stein Auditorium – 33rd and Market Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104


Social Graffiti:

The Social Graffiti project is an experiment in linking together architecture, design, and technology with social media interaction. Through a series of animations designed around the architectural features of Nesbitt Hall, the team will project animations to create an optically stimulating viewer experience. A core mission of the project is to take an emerging and popular social networking tool, Twitter, and reconfigure it from its user-isolated applications into a physical social gathering. The project encourages participant interaction where essentially anyone, anywhere, can ‘digitally tag’ a message to be intertwined with the animations and displayed to the public in one of the largest digital projection venues Philadelphia has ever seen. http://socialgraffitiproject.com/


DESDA is a children’s entertainment system that dynamically loads user-uploaded video into a musical animation. The video messages from friends and family are inserted into an animation of a girl flying through space searching for her family. It provides a means for girl’s with Rett Syndrome (or other severe disabilities that limit the use of phones and computers) to receive communications that they would not normally be able to access. This form of “communitainment” improves their regular entertainment regimen by including familiar faces. http://www.desda.net/

Lexi Conquest:

LexiConquest is an original entertainment and educational platform that combines the addicting nature of a trading card game with the engaging appeal of a videogame and ties it together with a unique interface called the “Library Node.” With an intent interest in childhood literacy, LexiConquest brings classic and contemporary literature to life in an exciting, hands-on method that promotes the exploration of the vibrant world of the written word, all under the guise of an action-packed video game. http://lexiconquest.com/

Instant Navigator:

The Independence Historic National Park Instant Navigator is a mobile application designed to enrich the visitor experience at the Independence Historic National Park, one of the nation’s richest and most popular cultural heritage sites. The goal of this project is to utilize new and upcoming technology, specifically GPS navigation and iPhone development resources to create an application that will change how the park is explored. Navigation between historical attractions as well as Park Ranger communication is made easier, and multimedia content is delivered to the phone based on the user’s location. http://independencenavigator.com/

Toy Detectives:

Toy Detectives is a 2D Flash game and educational learning intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Designed to teach social interaction skills, the game uses eye-tracking technology so that players can initiate conversations with on-screen characters by looking directly at their faces. Players search the town park for a friend’s lost toy helicopter, gathering clues along the way by approaching park-goers and by following their gestures and eye gaze. http://eye-venturers.org/

First Step

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First Step

Winner, Best Animation, Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival 2010 By Evan Boucher. 2010